Bios Life Long Learning Centre was founded in 2009 by teachers, adult trainers and artists with the aim to provide opportunities for persons working in the field of education to get informed about new trends and methodologies especially in relation to the use of technology in the teaching. Since 2009 the main occupation of Bios is the organization of in service training courses both on a local and on a European basis as well as the participation in European partnerships in the field of education.

In the last 5 years the organisation has implemented a series of service training courses for teachers from EU countries in the frame of the Life Long Learning, Grundtvig and Comenius program. In 2014 the course “Interactive Media for “Interactive” Teaching and Learning” has been integrated into a series of Erasmus+ KA1 Strategic Partnerships, 5 of which have been approved involving schools from Italy, Poland, Latvia, Romania and Slovakia.

Additionally to the implementation of training courses, we offer free consultation services for schools and other educational institutions relating to their participation in European educational programs including presentations about funding opportunities, support in the writing of applications and the finding of partners. In this frame the organization has cooperated with a number of Cypriot secondary schools and the University of Cyprus.

In order to guarantee the high standard of the offered courses’ content and methodology, Bios supports the constant professional development of the centre’s staff members. Participation in various partnerships offers many opportunities to exchange ideas and good practice with institutions from other European countries. Starting in January 2015 Bios participates in the Erasmus KA2 project “FALINAR” with institutions from Slovakia, Germany and Croatia. Additionally to these activities the staff and trainers attend conferences and trainings in order to develop their knowledge and skills. In 2015-2016 professional development will also be supported by an Erasmus+ KA1 partnership with the title “New Skills for New Challenges”.