Filming and Editing

Trainer: David Hands

FE 1: Filming workshop (1-2 days)

FE 2: Editing workshop (1-2 days)

FE 3: Animation workshop

FE 4: Filming and editing workshop for advanced users

David Hands began his career as a Director of Photography for TV commercials and as a commercial photographer in 1989. In 1993, he moved into news and documentaries for a number of international clients and has worked extensively in the Balkans, Africa and the Middle East. David is one of the three founding members of Crewhouse.

Since the creation of Crewhouse in 2004, David has acquired invaluable experience as a Director and Producer, but it was during these early years at Crewhouse that a hidden talent was revealed: teaching. Aside from his everyday projects, David also leads training workshops for Media professionals as well as courses for school children and educators.

He holds an MA in Film and Television from the Cambridge School of Art.

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