Erasmus+ partnership FALINAR

The German tourism market is one of the biggest not only in Europe but in the world. According to European Commission Tourism Business Portal Germany “issued about 73 million residents on outbound holiday trips, representing 29.5% of total EU cross-border trips”. Although many German tourists speak English knowledge of German at the travel destination is appreciated especially when employees in the tourism industry can present a high level of language skills including intercultural communication skills. It is characteristic that in some regions the tourism industry is relying on persons remigrating from Germany for the provision of German speaking services.

A study of the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) states that “lack of knowledge of foreign languages has been recently recognised by national tourism organisations of some European countries as a lasting problem and even as a competitive disadvantage”.

The project “FALINAR” aims to address the lack of German language skills in the tourism industry by setting up an online platform with material for the teaching of German as a foreign language for professionals in the tourism industry. The platform will be part of a wider learning environment based on the concept of blended learning.

In the frame of the project German courses for students or professionals in the tourism industry will be conducted in all participating countries.

More info on the project’s website


TUKE Technical University Košice – Slovakia (Coordinator)

Bios Life Long Learning Centre – Cyprus
IIK Institut für Interkulturelle Kommunikation e.V.- Germany
FHSS Universität Rijeka – Croatia