European partnerships

Audiovisual Media in L2 Teaching and Learning

  • Grundtvig Learning Partnership 2012-2014
  • Ref. Nr. CY-GRU-MULPART-2010-2
  • Partners: Language Centre – London School of Economics, Institut für Interkulturelle Kommunikation Berlin, Liceo “Mateo Raeli” Noto
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The Threads that Connect us

  • Grundtvig Learning Partnership 2010-2012
  • Ref. Nr. CY-GRU-MULPART-2010-2
  • Partners: Finnish – Cypriot association, ΥοuthNet Hellas, University of Tartu, ISTA – International School for Textile Arts, Civic Action Foundation – Giurgiu Branch, Civic Association “Together for Svilengrad”
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Since 2009 we have also implemented the following Comenius and Grundtvig in service training (IST) courses:

Interactive Media for “Interactive” Teaching and Learning
Ref. Nr. CY-2010-061-009

Shoot, Cut and Upload – Creating Audiovisual Material for Language Teaching
Ref. Nr. CY-2010-049-006

With Sound and Images – Creating Audiovisual Material for Language Teaching
Ref. Nr. CY-2010-048-001

Greek Live – Techniques for Motivating Students in Greek as a Foreign Language Teaching
Ref. Nr. CY- 2009-045-005

Learning From Errors – Greek Language for Non-native Speakers Teaching Greek
Ref. Nr. CY-2009-044-005